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Project story: website of ISACA student group, DIU

Recently I have developed the website of ISACA student group, DIU. This blog post is about to share the experience of doing the task.

Some days before, Ring vai (sir) told me to meet with him at varsity. I met with him and he asked me to be a volunteer of some upcoming workshops and seminars. I replied with positive. Then he referred me to Alamgir Kabir sir for this purpose.

Recently our Daffodil International University has gained official recognition for its ISACA Student Group which is first time in Bangladesh. So a website was needed urgently. Alamgir sir asked me to develop a website for this initiative. Though I was little bit nervous, I replied with positive. I was thinking that it was a great opportunity to involve with this awesome initiative.

Then Alamgir sir described the requirements to me. The requirements were not complex but very much traditional. He drew a sketch of the design of the website to make me understood. I decided to use WordPress as a CMS to develop that website.

As there was very little time to develop a unique theme for the website, I decided to go for a free and GPL licensed theme. But the actual problem happened then. As the requirements were traditional, I could not use the themes that I liked most. I was browsing the internet for a long time to find a suitable one. Then I decided to use GeneratePress, a simple yet powerful WordPress theme.

Within a short time I prepared a prototype in my personal server. It was appreciated by sir. He also told me to change some functionalities. While working for this website, I met with him several times to discuss about that project. We also discussed over facebook chat and email. He was very cordial at these times.

Then I transferred the website to the server of DIU under the sub-domain of Suddenly a problem happened. At first sir figured it out. Except the home page, all the pages were giving 500 internal server error. I took some time to figure out what was wrong. At last I found, it was the .htaccess file. After solving it, we started to update the contents of the website. It was an easy job, but boring. Within a short time the website got ready to use.

I know this is not a very good work, not even a good work, I have just fulfilled the requirements. But I feel proud when I see my name in the credit page of the website. Thanks to the both of the teachers for giving me this opportunity.


DIU - ISG website screenshot
DIU – ISG website screenshot

Website link:

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